Meet The Manifest Queen

Sometimes we pray for change only for God to show us that we are the change. By nature, I am a planner. As a child, I wrote a to-do list at the beginning of each day to ensure I accomplished my daily goals. I carried this habit into my adult life and I’ve built a career off of my superior organization skills and knack for detail. As a project manager and an avid journaler, I often find myself collecting an array of stationery and organization tools. However, I became increasingly frustrated because it was difficult to find items that reflected my personality, lifestyle and worldview. I wanted to see myself in the products I bought. For this reason, I decided to design a unique and chic collection of office accessories, decor and planning tools for purpose-driven women like myself. We deserve to see ourselves reflected in the products we use every day.

I believe planning is a form of self-care. The more we emphasize goal-setting and productivity in our daily lives, the more our future selves will thank us. True growth and transformation begins with our small seemingly insignificant daily actions. Writing in a journal. Praying more. Practicing mindfulness. Creating a daily routine. Purifying the atmosphere of our home or work space. When we combine these minute actions with consistency over a steady amount of time, real change occurs. We take control over our environment rather than our environment controlling us. That’s how we manifest our purpose in life. Moreover, just as we take care of our physical bodies to enhance our quality of life, I believe it's equally important to improve the aesthetic of our workspace to encourage creativity, efficiency and productivity. Every woman deserves a work space that nurtures her spirit and enables her to be her best self. 

 My products are for women who plan with purpose and realize the immense power in doing work with tenacity and consistency. Whether you are working a 9 - 5, starting your own business or completing a degree - some of us are doing all three at the same time - these items will help you to plan with purpose. My prayer is that my products inspire you to show up as your best self every day. You’re not basic. Why should your office supplies be?